Water Features

Aqua Vista
Carved Glass

Aquamarine Framed Slumped Glass

Aquamarine Frameless Glass

Aquamarine Glass Burleigh Heads Bowls Club

Arena on Sydney Stainless Steel


Attitude 1

Attitude 2

Attitude 2

Attitude 2

Aura Apartments 1 Stainless Steel and Stacked Stone

Aura Apartments 2 Stainless Steel

Aura Apartments 3 Stainless Steel and Stone

Balinese Urns
Water Feature

Bowl Zen - Charcoal

Bowl Zen - White

Breaching Whale Carved Glass

Bubble House
Stainless Steel

Caboolture Sports Club Glass

Cascading Water Feature Basket Weave Tiles

Cascading Water Feature Glass

Cascading Water Feature Glass and Tiles

Century 21
Rain Curtain

Ceylon Inn
Mirror Water Feature

Chinese Lantern Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel

Copper - Jade Buddha Water Feature & Vertical Garden

Copper Wave 1

Copper Wave 2

Copper Wave Frameless

Copper Wave


Winged Keel

Dentistry Commercial Project

Duxton Hotel-Firewater Grille Restaurant

Stainless Steel

Eileys Restaurant Slumped Glass

Stainless Steel

Emporium Hotel Mirrored Stainless Steel

EPA Glass and Recycled Laminated Glass

Estia Health
Pebble Water Feature

Events Queensland Glass

Fountain - New Farm

Framed Carved Glass

Framed Patterned Stainless Steel Wave 1

Framed Patterned Stainless Steel Wave 2

Framed Slumped Glass Twin

Framed Stainless Steel Wave 1

Framed Stainless Steel Wave 2

Framed Stainless Steel Wave 3

Framed Stainless Steel Wave 4

Frameless Glass 1

Frameless Glass 2

Frameless Glass 3

Frameless Slumped Glass 1

Frameless Slumped Glass 2

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 1

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 2

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 3

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 4

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 5

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 6

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave 7

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave Black Mirror

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave Large

Frameless Stainless Steel Wave Medium

Ganesh Semi Frameless Glass

Gemlife Bribie Island Stone Water Feature

Glass Shimmer

Hair on King Salon Semi Frameless Glass

Holistic Health Centre Bronze Stainless Wave

Holistic Health Centre Pipe Dream Stainless

Slumped Glass

Stainless Steel

Inca 1
Stacked Stone

Inca 2
Stacked Stone

Inca 3
Stacked Stone

Inca 4
Stacked Stone

Inca 5
Stacked Stone

Inca 6
Stacked Stone

Inspiration No.1 Stainless Steel

Inspiration No.2 Stainless Steel

Lakeside Medical Hervey Bay

Logan City Council Commercial Project

Lumina Glass

Meercroft Care
Semi Frameless Glass

Water Feature 1

Water Feature 2

Water Feature 3

Norths Leagues Stainless Steel

Onyx Water Feature 1

Onyx Water Feature 2

Onyx Water Feature 3

Pagoda Patterned Stainless Steel

Palm Lake Care Slumped Glass

Pebble Water Feature - White

Pebble Water Feature- Black

Pebble Water Feature- Checkers

Pindara Hospital Pebble Water Feature - White

Pipe Dream 1 Stainless Steel

Pipe Dream 2 Stainless Steel

Pipe Dream 3 Stainless Steel

Pipe Dream BP Travel Centre

Pipe Dream with decorative vine

Platinum International Saw Cut Stacked Stone

Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo 2016

Pool Spa and Outdoor Living Expo 2019

Prince Charles Hospital Stainless Steel

Rain Chain
Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 1 Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 2 Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 3 Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 4 Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 5 Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 6 Stainless Steel

Rippled Waters 7 Stainless Steel

Royal Mail Hotel Stainless Steel and Stone

RSL Chester Hill Slumped Glass

RSL Geebung Slumped Glass

Rydges Plaza Hotel Copper

Slumped Glass

Semi Frameless Glass Water Feature

Semi Frameless Slumped Glass - Corner

Semi Frameless Slumped Glass 1

Semi Frameless Slumped Glass 2

Semi Frameless Slumped Glass 3

Semi Frameless Slumped Glass 4

Sheer Descent - Pool

Sheer Descent 1

Sheer Descent 2

Sheer Descent 3

Sheer Descent 4

Sheer Descent Beerwah Hotel

Sheer Descent-Twin

Slumped Glass and Sandstone Water Feature

Slumped Glass Water Cascade

Saw Cut Stacked Stone

Spill Way 1

Spill Way 2

Spill Ways with Sheer Descent

Spill Ways with Stone Wall

Spill Ways with Urn

Spill Ways with Zen Bowls

Stacked Stone Etched Stainless Steel

Stacked Stone Wall with Sheer Descent

Stacked Stone Water Wall 1

Stacked Stone Water Wall 2

Stacked Stone Water Wall 3

Stacked Stone Water Wall 4

Stacked Stone Water Wall Gold White Quartz

Stacked Stone Water Wall Large

Stacked Stone Water Wall No. 5

Stacked Stone Water Wall No. 6

Stacked Stone Water Wall No. 7

Stacked Stone Water Wall No. 8

Stacked Stone Water Wall No. 9

Stacked Stone Water Wall No.10

Stacked Stone Water Wall No.11

Stacked Stone Water Wall No.12

Stacked Stone Water Wall No.13

Stacked Stone Water Wall Vertical

Stacked Stone Water Wall with Spill Way

Stacked Stone
Vertical Garden

Stocklands Newport Glass

Terry White Chemist Glass

The Candy Club Stainless Steel

The Pink Water Feature Slumped Glass

Trade Show Stacked Stone Water Wall

Transcontinental Hotel Stainless Steel

Triple Glass Shimmer Slumped Glass

Twin Stainless Steel Wave 1

Twin Stainless Steel Wave 2

Twin Stainless Steel Wave 3

Twin Stainless Steel Wave 4

Twin Stainless Steel Wave 5

Twin Stainless Wave BP Travel Centre

Urn 1 Water Feature

Urn 2 Water Feature

Urn 3 Water Feature

Urn 4 Water Feature

Urn 5 Water Feature

Urn 6 Water Feature

Urn 7 Water Feature

Urns Twin
Water Feature

Vision 1
Stainless Steel

Vision 2
Stainless Steel

Vision 3
Stainless Steel

Vision Copper

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